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20 June 2016 - TREES project final report

Final report available for download

16 June 2016 - TREES project final Conference, Rome 14 July 2016


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Presentations availables for download

3 June 2016 - TREES Project poster available for download


25 May 2016 - Joint International Meeting on Forestry Crime INTERPOL General Secretariat - Lyon, 22-23 June 2016

The meeting is an opportunity for Law Enforcement representatives from all over Europe and other major timber importing regions to exchange information about recent activities against illegal logging and corruption in the timber sector, and to discuss them with the INTERPOL Forestry Crime sub Working Group, organised during the TREES event.

MTG 22-23 June 2016 - Presentations availables for download

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The Trees Project (Timber Regulation Enforcement to protect European wood Sector from criminal infiltration) is a 20 month transnational project aiming at enforcing the EU Timber Regulation (N°995/2010) implementation as instrument to fight corruption as facilitator of organised crimes activities. It is a research project funded by the Internal Affairs DG of the European Commission as part of the ISEC Program (Prevention of and Fight against Crime).


Worldwide, the European Union is the main importer of wood, whose origin however remain often unclear (20% according to The European Parliament). Consequently, in order to protect its market and its society the EU has adopted a new regulation in 2010 that has entered into force the 6th March 2013.

TREES aims at exploring anti-corruption potentialities of this regulation, increasing cooperation among LEAs (such as police bodies and controlling authorities) and private operators, improving their cooperation to fight against crime and transfer project results to EU MS.


In order to reach its goal the project will collect data concerning criminal routers and criminal events in the EU market, with a specific focus on the Balkans area, and will carry out a vulnerability assessment to corruption of the Due Diligence System in order to identify weak point.

Hence, project partners will develop a survey on timber crime to identify LEAs and private operators perceptions and experiences concerning corruption in timber sector.
Consequently, project partners will develop tool to asses the various level of risk of corruption in timber market and will collect best practices in risk mitigation.

A toolkit to prevent and combat corruption in private business will be developed in order to provide market operators and law enforcement with suggestion on how to implement risk mitigation procedures.

Transferability of results will be done trough the organisation of seminars addressed to LEAs and private operators taking place in Lyon at INTERPOL, in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria.


The project will be developed by five partners: Conlegno, PEFC Italia, RiSSC, CNVP Foundation, RiskMonitor with the support of associate partners: INTERPOL, PEFC Slovenia, PEFC United Kingdom, PEFC Council (CH), PEFC Germany, PEFC Slovakia, PEFC Norway, Bulgarian Investigators’ Chamber.

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