TREES :: Main Partners

1. Conlegno

Conlegno is the Italian Wood and Cork Services Consortium. Monitoring organisation for the Timber Regulation, it counts about 1300 associated companies in Italy. Responsible for project management, together with Rissc, for project sustainability.

2. Rissc

Rissc (Research Centre on Security and Crime) is a Research centre on security and crime (based in Vicenza). Rissc is involved in analysing the main criminal phenomena and in assessing the impacts of the existent instruments in terms of prevention and opposition. The main fields of research are about corruption, ID fraud/theft, ICT - crime, hate crime, trafficking and illegal market, urban security.
At present, Rissc is involved in several projects financed by DG Home Affairs and DG Justice

3. PEFC Italia

PEFC Italia is the national office of the PEFC International, the world’s largest forest certification system. Involved in training and dissemination (with the support of Conlegno).

4. CNPV Foundation

CNPV Foundation is an international organisation with expertise in forestry management, with operations in Albania, Kosovo e Macedonia. Involved in research, training and dissemination.

5. Riskmonitor

RiskMonitor is a non-profit, non-governmental public policy institute. It works for the reduction, control and prevention of organized crime and high-level political and institutional corruption.

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