TREES and WildLeaks platform

TREES Project Partners have signed an agreement with the Californian NGO “Elephant Action League” for the use of WildLeaks, the platform for wildlife and forest crime whistleblowers.

How to send information anonymously?

WildLeaks has implemented a very secure online platform in order to allow the sources to stay anonymous and to submit “sensitive” information in a very secure way, always encrypted, in respect to data transmission and management.

After clicking on the red Submission Button, you are taken to a very simple secure platform where you can submit information and files through two possible submission options, Confidential or Anonymous.

In the Confidential option you do not have to install the Tor Browser Bundle. Please be aware that when you use the Confidential option, the transmission of the information is secured and WildLeaks managers cannot know who you are or where you are from, but others, like employers or governmental agencies, may still see that you are uploading documents.

If you want or need total anonymity we recommend installing first the Tor Browser Bundle and then connecting to WildLeaks and submitting the information.
In the Anonymous option you need first to install the Tor Browser Bundle (, and only after use the Tor browser to connect to WildLeaks and make a submission.

After you downloaded the Tor Browser, copy and paste on the browser our Tor Hidden Service Address: http://ppdz5djzpo3w5k2z.onion

After you access our secure servers, you will be taken to a simple page where you can describe the kind of information you want to submit, attach files like pictures, videos or documents and finally send everything to WildLeaks.

After the submission you will be given a unique receipt number. Please store it in a safe place. This number is very important because it will allow you to connect to us again, in a secure and anonymous way, and to do the following:

  • Add more information about your original submission
  • Send a message
  • Interact in an anonymous way


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